Setting up taxes

As an online seller, you might need to charge taxes on your sales, and then report and remit those taxes to a tax agency.
Although tax laws and regulations are complex and can change often, you can set up Quaderno to automatically handle most common sales tax calculations. You can also set up tax overrides to address unique tax laws and situations.
Quaderno uses many default sales tax rates, which are updated regularly. If you use the default rates, we recommend checking with your account to confirm they are applicable in your specific situation. You can override them whenever necessary.
Quaderno doesn’t file or remit your sales taxes for you. You might need to register your business with your local or federal tax authority. The calculations and reports that Quaderno provides should help make things easier when it’s time to file and pay your taxes. You should always check with a local tax authority or a tax accountant to make sure that you charge your customers the correct sales tax rates, and to make sure you file and remit the taxes correctly.

Getting started

Follow these links for more detailed information:
  1. Go to the addresses page and set up your billing address. This is a mandatory step. Quaderno requires this information to calculate your tax liability.
  1. Go to the preferences page and set up your default tax class and default product type. This is also a mandatory step. We'll use the tax class and product type to calculate your tax rates in case you don't set an explicit tax class or product type on a transaction.
  1. Set up the tax jurisdictions where your business is registered for sales tax collection.
  1. Optional: override tax rates where necessary. We recommend using this option only if you need to override a particular tax rate to address unique laws or situations.

Tax classes

Quaderno uses the following tax classes to determine the tax rate for each product:
  • Standard rate – for any general goods or services not included in the categories above with standard tax rates.
  • Reduced rate – for any general goods or services not included in the categories above with reduced tax rates.
  • Tax-exempt – for any tax-exempted goods or services.
While Quaderno supports worldwide tax calculations for the tax classes above, Quaderno does not support automatic calculations for excise goods, partial sales tax exemptions for clothing or other goods, or customs duties.

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