Add tax on Stripe and PayPal

When you connect your Stripe and PayPal accounts to Quaderno, each payment received is considered tax-inclusive. Quaderno reads the charge information and deducts the tax from the total payment amount to display the complete breakdown on the final invoice or receipt. 

While tax-inclusive pricing is one option, you may also want to add taxes on top of your prices depending on your customer’s location. If that’s your case, you can use Quaderno Checkout to sell your products and calculate taxes on-the-fly based on your customer’s location. 

Among others, Quaderno Checkout has the following benefits:

  • Calculates taxes automatically – B2C and B2B.
  • Sends automatic receipts for your customers.
  • Works with the most popular payment processors.
  • Fully supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to comply with EU PSD2.
  • You can sell your products in any place where you can use a link.
  • Designed to convert with a mobile ready interface and minimal fields for your customer to fill.
  • It’s totally safe and GDPR compliant.

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