Adding a due date to an invoice

Sometimes it’s helpful to give customers a payment deadline.* Adding a due date to an invoice can provide clarity for you and them! Follow these steps to add an invoice due date in Quaderno:
  1. Go to the invoices page, and click + Create invoice in the top right.
  1. In Other data, click need to add more details?
  1. Select a due date in the dropdown menu and click Create invoice.
The invoice will automatically display the due date. In case customers miss the due date and a payment is late, Quaderno can send a friendly reminder automatically.

Sending due invoice reminders

Want to remind your customers about an upcoming payment? Quaderno can send an automatic reminder to let your customers know that an invoice is due soon.
Once you’ve activated this feature, Quaderno will send an email to the customer seven days after the invoice due date.
Follow these steps to automatically send payment reminders:
  1. Go to the preferences page.
  1. Click the check box for Send due invoice reminders automatically.
  1. Hit Save changes.
The reminder email has a template text, which you’re free to customize to your business! Just head to Customizing the emails sent to your customers to learn how.