What is the difference between a Stripe or PayPal receipt and a Quaderno receipt?

A Stripe or PayPal receipt it like a  payment receipt - it is a proof of purchase for a buyer. It lets them know their card or account was charged correctly. It is mostly for the buyer rather than for the business. It is typically not used in accounting for digital products and contains little or no information on the customer - it's more about the business and the cost and breakdown of the items or services purchased.

By contrast, a  sales receipt (a.k.a simplified invoice) from Quaderno is a bill or request for payment (if that payment has not already happened). Sales receipts must contain a more detailed breakdown of the costs and taxes involved. It also has a unique receipt number and a few other strict requirements. It can be used for your accounting, and generated automatically within Quaderno.

For more information, check out our related articles on sales receipts and invoices (linked below).

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