My Thinkific payment didn't have any tax added on, what happened?

Thinkific is a great platform for e-courses, empowering teachers to help their students internationally. We have a great integration with them that we're sure you'll love!

One limitation to the Thinkific integration platform, however, is that they do not allow us to automatically add on tax for you. This means that the total price in Thinkific is tax inclusive

So what Quaderno does is to take the total price that Thinkific tells us about and then work out the tax backwards from there, as a part of the total.

Here's an example

You get paid £100, in total.

The tax rate is 20%.

Quaderno works backwards using your total and the tax rate to fill out the figures in your invoice as follows:

Subtotal: £80

Tax (20%): £20

Total: £100

Hope that helps you when it comes time to calculating your Thinkific prices in general, and prevents any funny surprises down the line!

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