Templates labels

Template labels are the Quaderno way to output common words such as Invoice or Number in an automatically localised, internationalised way.

They're always translated into the document language, so it's good practice to use labels instead of plain text wherever possible. In fact, it's best to structure your documents in such a way as to eliminate the need for plain text words that we don't cover with our labels.

If you feel like there's a label missing that should exist, let us know!

Code Description
{{ title }} Title
{{ labels.invoice }} Invoice
{{ labels.estimate }} Estimate
{{ labels.number }} Number
{{ labels.issue_date }} Issue date
{{ labels.subject }} Subject
{{ labels.po_number }} PO Number
{{ labels.description }} Description
{{ labels.quantity }} Quantity
{{ labels.unit_price }} Unit price
{{ labels.amount }} Amount
{{ labels.subtotal }} Subtotal
{{ labels.discount }} Discount
{{ labels.total }} Total
{{ labels.exchange }} Exchange
{{ labels.due_date }} Due date
{{ labels.valid_until }} Valid until
{{ labels.payment_details }} Payment details
{{ labels.notes }} Notes
{{ labels.tax_id }} Tax ID / VAT number 
{{ labels.company_number }} Company number  
{{ labels.phone }} Phone
{{ labels.email }} E-mail
{{ labels.from }} From
{{ labels.to }} To

Again, if you can think of any other useful labels that you think everyone would benefit from, please drop us a line. We're always expanding our range to make our templates more useful for you fine

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