Create a Checkout link

You can use a Checkout link to sell your products and subscriptions on your website, via email, social media, or wherever you've already built an audience online. 

To create a Checkout link, follow these steps:

1. From your Quaderno account, go to Checkout > Links and select the option Create link.

2. Complete the form fields:

  • Product: Select the product you want to sell with this Checkout link. If you don't see the desired product listed, you can create it.
  • Payment methods: Select the payment methods you would like to accept to receive payments from your customers. If you are accepting PayPal payments, encrypted website payments should be disabled in PayPal.
  • Success URL: Add the URL of the page your customers should be redirected to when they purchase your product.
  • Cancel URL: Add the URL of the page your customers should be redirected to when they abandon the checkout.
  • Collect billing details: Select whether you’d like to always collect full billing details from your customers during checkout (recommended if your customers are businesses) or only if needed
  • Collect coupons: Select yes if you’d like your customers to be able to apply coupons in the checkout. You would need to create coupons to use this option.
  • Updatable quantity: Select yes if you'd like your customers to be able to modify the quantity in the checkout.
  • Language: Select a language for your checkout. If no language is selected, it will automatically use the language of your customer’s browser.

3. When you've finished, click Create link. You'll see a link you can copy and paste onto any webpage, email, or social media site where you sell your products.

(Tip: If you want to change the colors or logo on your checkout form, you can update these in Settings > Appearance.)

4. That's it. You can now sell your product with Quaderno Checkout.

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