How to use Checkout to sell your products on ClickFunnels

Quaderno Checkout is a secure checkout link that you can use to sell your products on ClickFunnels easily. 

The advantages of Quaderno Checkout are the following:

  • Calculate taxes automatically - B2C and B2B.
  • Send automatic receipts for your customers.
  • Works with the most popular payment processors.
  • Fully support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to comply with EU PSD2.
  • You can sell your products in any place where you can use a link.
  • Designed to convert with a mobile ready interface and minimal fields for your customer to fill.
  • It's totally safe and GDPR compliant.

How to sell your products step-by-step

  1. In your Quaderno account, create a checkout link. Make sure that you copy the URL from the next step of your funnel in the Success URL field when creating the link.
  2. Use that link in your sales page on ClickFunnels, adding it as an action for a buy button.

That's all! You can also use Zapier to subscribe customers to your email lists or send them a message if they abandon the checkout process.

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