Integrating with Stripe

Quaderno fully integrates with  Stripe to provide a seamless, easy experience and free you up to do the things you do best.

When you process a successful charge on Stripe, Quaderno will create a sales receipt and can automatically to your customer, without any manual intervention.

Connecting to Stripe

Login and go to  Integrations. Once there, click on the Stripe logo to get started.

You will be brought to a Stripe page where you will be asked to sign in and provide Quaderno with permission to connect to your Stripe account. Don't worry, we can't (and won't) steal any of your hard-earned money!

Click the Connect my Stripe account button and boom, you're done! Quaderno will dispatch its trained worker bees to import all the Stripe charges you've made this year and add them to your Quaderno account. This is just for your records - we won't send your customers anything.

At this point, after every Stripe charge you make will have an invoice automatically generated in Quaderno, which you can login and send manually whenever you wish.

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