Integrating with ThriveCart

Quaderno supports automated billing and VAT & GST compliance for  ThriveCart. Any time a customer buys one of your products, Quaderno will automatically generate an invoice with the correct tax rate based on their location. We can even send that invoice out without you having to lift a finger, if you wish.

Note: You don’t need to be technical to use this integration. If you use our ThriveCart integration, you don't need to connect your payment processor accounts (Stripe, PayPal, etc.) to Quaderno because we receive all the necessary data from ThriveCart.


To connect your Thrivecart account to Quaderno, follow these steps:

1. In your Quaderno account, go to Integrations > Thrivecart. You'll see this form:

2. Add your website address and click Connect

3. After submitting the form, you’ll get a personal Webhook URL. Copy that URL.

4. In a new tab, open ThriveCart and go to Settings > API & webhooks > Webhooks & notifications.

5. Finally paste your personal URL that you copied in step 3 in the field Webhook URL.

6. Click Save this webhook and that's all. Quaderno will be notified every time you receive a payment or make a refund. ThriveCart will send a notification to Quaderno and the invoice will be generated and sent to your customer automatically.

Customize your invoices

If you want to show your customer’s tax ID on your invoices, you can set up the following custom fields on your ThriveCart form:

Unique ID FIeld type Description
vat-number Text (single line) Billing VAT number (for EU customers)
tax-id Text (single line) Billing tax ID

Bada-boom, bada-bing, you're done. Enjoy the power of Quaderno and ThriveCart working together to make life easier!

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