Integrating with GoCardless

Quaderno has integrated GoCardless to allow you to easily account for payments made in this exciting new age of SEPA!

Quaderno supports automated billing for GoCardless. Once you successfully process a payment, Quaderno will auto-generate an invoice and can even automatically send it to the customer if you wish.

Connecting to GoCardless

1. In your Quaderno account, go to Integrations > GoCardless. You will be taken to a GoCardless-hosted page where you will be asked if you'd like to connect Quaderno to GoCardless.

2. Enter your GoCardless credentials and click the Connect Account button. That's all! Quaderno will import all your GoCardless charges from this year and create beautiful invoices for them.

Don't worry, we won't send them out without your permission, but if you'd like to you can select an invoice and email it manually.

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