Extra location evidence

With every transaction, Quaderno automatically collects and confirms two pieces of evidence that prove the customer’s location.

Why is this important? In some countries, in order to stay sales tax compliant you must be able to prove in which country your customer lives, since their location determines the tax rate you must charge.

However, sometimes the location evidence doesn’t match, and Quaderno alerts you there’s a problem. In these cases, you should contact your customer right away and ask them for further proof of address.

What should you ask your customer to send? Here are a some items that work:

  • A bank statement that includes an address in the right country
  • Other utility bills (like electricity, gas, or internet)
  • An official document of where the business registered, for B2B buyers
  • The country code of the customer’s phone number, either mobile or landline

Once you’ve received the extra location evidence, you can edit the customer’s location evidence directly in the app.

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