Integrating with BigCommerce

Quaderno supports automated billing for all of your sales through BigCommerce. Whenever an order is processed, Quaderno will automatically generate a tax receipt and can even send it to your customer automatically. Your tax summary reports on Quaderno will also be updated.

To connect your BigCommerce account to Quaderno, just follow these steps:

1. In your BigCommerce account, go to Apps > Marketplace and look for the Quaderno integration in the category Accounting and Tax.

2. Click Install. BigCommerce will ask permission for Quaderno to connect to your store.

3. Click Confirm.

4. Enter you login details for your Quaderno account.

5. Customize the status in each field to show if an order is completed, refunded, or partially refunded.

6. Save changes. That's all. Quaderno will be notified every time an order is completed or refund is made. BigCommerce will send a notification to Quaderno and the invoice will be generated and sent to your customer automatically.

Note: If you don't have any receipts in your Quaderno account at the time you connect your BigCommerce store, we will automatically import all of the orders that have been completed this year.

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