How to use coupons with Quaderno Checkout

Stripe users can create coupons with Quaderno Checkout, our embeddable payment form to sell digital products and services from your website.

Note: Coupons are only available for Stripe subscriptions when you are using Quaderno Checkout.

Ready to add a coupon? Just follow these steps to get started:

1. Create your subscription coupon in Stripe

2. In your Quaderno account, go to Settings > Coupons.

3. Click the green “+” to add a new coupon.

4. Add a coupon code in the Code field. This is what your customers will add on the checkout form. Select the Stripe ID of the coupon. 

5. Click Create coupon.

That’s all. Now whenever a customer adds the coupon code during checkout, the discount will apply. (Be sure coupon=true is set in your checkout configuration options so your checkout form displays the coupon code field!)

Not using Quaderno Checkout or Stripe subscriptions? You still have other options to allow your customers to apply discounts. You can always use your own script to calculate discounts with your own checkout form, and then use Quaderno.js to calculate taxes and create charges on Stripe.

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