Quaderno Checkout

Checkout is an embeddable payment form that you can use to sell your digital products and subscriptions on any webpage.

Sound good? Whether you use WordPress, Kajabi, your own website, or another platform to sell your products, you can rest assured Quaderno Checkout will work for you.

(Note: We are currently upgrading Quaderno Checkout to be compliant with PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements coming into effect in September 2019. SCA will make online payments more secure by requiring two-factor authentication. The new version of Quaderno Checkout will be launched in the coming months. Stay tuned!)

How does it work?

If you embed a Checkout form on your site, it displays a button to purchase a single product or subscription. When customers click the button, they are shown a checkout dialog to enter their billing data.

  1. Your customer enters their billing information
  2. Quaderno Checkout calculates taxes on-the-fly (if needed), depending on your customer’s location
  3. The payment is processed with your payment processor
  4. Quaderno sends an automatic receipt to your customer

Why should I use it?

  • Calculate taxes automatically - B2C and B2B
  • Designed to convert
    • Mobile ready
    • Integrates with Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree
    • Minimal fields for your customer to fill to make checkout even faster
  • Automatic invoices for your customers
  • Connect to Zapier for key actions (like enrolling in a Kajabi course)
  • Stress-free tax compliance
  • Easy to integrate with your current website, or wherever you sell your products online

Read about all the features on our blog: Quaderno Checkout and the seamless payment experience

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