Integrating with Xero

Quaderno offers an integration with Xero, one of the world’s most popular accounting and bookkeeping tools. You can export all your invoices from Quaderno to Xero, and we’ll provide you with complete VAT, GST, and sales tax compliance for digital products and services.

Just connect your Xero account with Quaderno here. Then every time you create an invoice, expense or credit note from any of our integrations, we’ll automatically export the transaction’s data to your Xero account.

We now support exports to multiple payment processor and currency accounts in Xero. During setup, just map your accounts as you'd like.

Note: If you connect Quaderno to Xero, you should not connect Stripe to Xero. This will cause duplicate invoices in Xero. Please ensure that you do not have both Quaderno and Stripe connected to Xero at the same time. Quaderno will send all of your Stripe transactions to Xero.

In order to avoid duplicates with your past accounting records in Xero, any past transactions in your Quaderno account are not automatically exported to Xero. If you'd like to export your past transactions, just send us a message at

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