Tax Reports

All of your reports for taxes collected and owed can be found in Reports. You can download these reports for your accountant or use them to complete your tax forms.

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The domestic tax report displays the taxes collected in your own country. By default, you’ll see taxes collected during the current quarter. You can change the time period in the top right. 

Taxable base: The total amount on which tax has been applied (in the original invoice currency and your accounting currency).

Amount: The total amount of tax collected. 

US Sales Tax

If your business is in the US (or you have nexus there), you will see a list of states where you are collecting tax. When you click on a state, you'll see the full report for that state appear.

A report for New York would look like this:


Once you register for VAT MOSS and start collecting eService taxes in EU countries, you’ll see the VAT MOSS report. Not sure if VAT MOSS is for you? Check out 2019 VAT thresholds ease burden on EU digital businesses

Distance Selling

(Only for EU companies) 

If you are based in the EU, and sell physical products or any products in the “standard” tax class, you’ll see the distance selling report when you start applying standard taxes from other EU countries. Not sure whether you need to apply standard taxes in other EU countries? Check out Distance selling in the EU: how to do it right

For example, for a Spanish company registered in France and the UK, the distance selling report could look like this:

EC Sales

(Only for EU companies)

If you are based in the EU, the EC sales report displays your B2B transactions in other EU countries. All of these transactions have had VAT reverse charged (How does the reverse-charge mechanism work?)


If you are collecting tax in any other country not included above, you’ll see this in International. For example, overseas businesses who sell more than A$75,000 in Australia must register for Australian GST. If you start collecting this tax on your sales to Australia, you’ll see this report:


Keep track of tax registration thresholds (What is a tax registration threshold?) with the threshold report. You’ll see your sales amounts and the thresholds so you know if you’ve reached a threshold:

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