United States Sales Tax

If your company is located in the United States, your local state will automatically appear in your tax rates.

If your company is not located in the United States, no US states will appear in your tax settings.

Before collecting sales tax in any US state, you would first need to be registered there. You only need to register in some US states if you have nexus there.

Registering in US states

Quaderno does not register your company in US states or file taxes for you. We’ve partnered with TaxFyle who can take care of this for you. You can also contact the respective tax authorities.

As a foreign business, do I need to register in a US state?

You only need to register in some US states if you have nexus there. The good news is that Quaderno automatically notifies you when you’ve reached a sales tax registration threshold in a US state so you know when you have economic nexus in a state: The Ultimate Guide to US Economic Nexus.

Adding US states to your tax settings

Once you’ve registered in a US state, you are ready to start collecting tax there. If you have nexus in multiple states, or if you are a foreign seller with economic nexus in a state, you can follow these steps to make sure you are applying the correct sales taxes.

You can add a state to your Quaderno tax settings:

1. Go to Settings > Tax rates

2. Click "Create tax rate" to add a new tax. You’ll see the form to complete:

3. Complete the form and click “create tax”.

Quaderno will then apply that tax to all applicable future sales in the given state.

Reports for US states

You’ll see a report for each US state you’ve added in your Quaderno tax settings. You’ll find this in Reports > US Sales tax

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