Quaderno makes it easy to get started with products. Adding products is optional, but we recommend it. When you add products, you can keep track of your product sales across multiple channels.

If you use the same SKU in Quaderno and other platforms (e.g Shopify, Amazon, etc.), we'll track all your product sales across multiple channels. We'll even automatically import these products for you.

Use cases

Example A - Correct invoice descriptions

If you're selling online courses and customers pay via Stripe but the line item description isn’t appearing correctly on the invoices, you can modify the product description in Quaderno to fix this.

How to fix it:

  • Go to Products and find the course. Add the Stripe plan ID as the SKU in Quaderno.
  • Change the product name to your course name or other description you’d like to appear on the invoice.
  • Each time you make a sale for that course, Quaderno will generate an invoice with the product name you've assigned in Quaderno.

Example B - Distinguish tax classes

If you're selling physical and digital products on the same platform, you could be required to apply different tax rates. The platform may not send this tax type information to Quaderno.

How to fix it: 

  • Add products on both Quaderno and another platform (i.e. Thrivecart) with the same SKU.
  • Set the tax class on the Quaderno product.
  • Quaderno would apply the tax class set for the product in Quaderno.

Example C - Track sales across multiple platforms

If you're selling the same product on multiple platforms, you may want to keep track of your total sales of that product.

How to get started:

  • Quaderno automatically imports your product when the first transaction is generated.
  • Use the same SKU on each platform (i.e. Amazon and Thrivecart) and in Quaderno.
  • Keep track of all sales with the Products report in Quaderno.
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