Integrating with Recurly

Quaderno fully integrates with Recurly to provide a seamless, easy experience and free you up to do the things you do best.

When you process a successful charge on Recurly, Quaderno will create a sales receipt and can send it automatically to your customer, without any manual intervention.

Connecting to Recurly

To connect your Recurly account to Quaderno, just follow these steps:

1. In your Recurly account, go to Developers > API Keys.

2. At the bottom of the screen click Add Private API Key.

3. Add an API Key for Quaderno and select Quaderno as the application using this key.

4. Click Save Changes. Copy this key.

5. Log into your Quaderno account and go to Settings > Integrations > Recurly.

6. Paste your API key and Recurly subdomain.

7. Click Connect. That’s all! Quaderno will create an invoice every time you receive a payment, and a credit note when you process a refund. Nice!

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