Customise email texts and document labels

In Settings > Translations you can personalise the emails sent to your customers or change the labels on documents.

You’ll see several languages listed. Quaderno automatically sends emails and documents in the official language of your customer’s country. You can also set a default language in Settings > Preferences. Your default language is used in the cases we’ve described here.

Tip: If you’d prefer to send all documents in one language, you can delete all other languages in this section. Then all of your documents and emails will automatically send in the remaining language.

To personalise a text or label, just follow these steps:

1. In Settings > Translations, select the language you’d like to edit.

2. Select the message you’d like to edit. 

For example, the invoice message is the email sent with all of your invoices:

customise invoice email

3. Modify the text and add any variables you’d like to use.

4. Save the changes.

That’s it! All future invoice emails will be sent with your new text.

Keep in mind, your custom text will not automatically be translated into other languages. You would just have to edit the invoice message in each language for changes to apply.

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