Configure your tax rates in Shopify

With our Shopify integration, Shopify calculates the tax rates in their checkout, and Quaderno applies these tax rates on your invoices.

Quaderno automatically keeps track of your Shopify sales and notifies you when you reach an economic nexus threshold in a US state or a sales tax registration threshold in another country. Quaderno lets you know when taxes change, creates reports, and sends tax compliant invoices for your Shopify sales.

To ensure taxes are calculated for your Shopify sales, you’d just have to set up your tax rates in Shopify.

Digital taxes

If you’re selling digital products, you can review your tax settings following these steps.

US States

If you have nexus in a US state, you can add that state to your Shopify tax rates as described here. Shopify will take care of all tax calculations for your sales to that state. To see reports in Quaderno for these sales, add the state in Settings > Tax rates in your Quaderno account.

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