Connecting multiple Stripe accounts

With your Quaderno account, you can connect as many Stripe accounts as you’d like. You can create and manage multiple Stripe accounts directly from your Stripe dashboard. 

When you process a successful charge in any of your connected Stripe accounts, Quaderno will create a sales receipt and can send it automatically to your customer, without any manual intervention.

You’ll have all of your tax-compliant receipts from all Stripe accounts in one place.

Once you’ve connected your first Stripe account following these instructions, you’ll see it appear in Settings > Integrations > Stripe.

There you’ll also find Add a new Stripe account.

  1. Click Add a new Stripe account to get started.
  2. Follow the Stripe prompt to Connect my Stripe account.
  3. Use the Switch account option to select the account you’d like to connect. Proceed with connecting the selected account. That’s it.

You’ll now see all of your connected accounts in Settings > Integrations > Stripe

Primary Stripe account

Quaderno will generate invoices automatically for all transactions in your connected accounts. 

The primary account is used for:

  • Checkout links:  Quaderno will create these charges in your primary Stripe account.
  • “Pay now” buttons: When you send a manual invoice from your Quaderno account, your customer will have the option to “pay now”. This payment will be generated in your primary Stripe account.

Note: This feature is only available with the Startup plan or higher.

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