Change your legal entity

If you’re changing your legal entity - from sole trader to company or one company to another - just follow the steps below to ensure a smooth transition for your invoicing and tax calculation.

Each Quaderno account can only be associated with one legal entity. If you need to update any of your legal entity details, you’ll need to create a new Quaderno account. 

For accounting purposes this also helps you keep your company records separate for different legal entities. Please follow these steps to create an account for your new legal entity:

1. Keep your current entity (company/sole trader) status in Settings > Business data in your current account.

2. Open a new Quaderno account here for your new entity

3. When you’re ready to start invoicing with your new entity, disconnect any integrations from your old Quaderno account and connect them to your new account.

If you just need to update the address or name (without any change in legal entity), drop us a line. You wouldn’t need a new account for this.

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