Update tax rates on subscriptions

Quaderno keeps you up to date with tax rate changes around the world. Depending on your integration with Quaderno, action may be required.

In case of any tax rate change, Quaderno automatically updates your tax rates in the Tax rates section of your account. The tax rate will only be updated if you already have the country or state configured in your tax rates. 

You will not see the tax rate updated in the tax rates section if:

  • You are not already collecting tax in the given country or state
  • You are not registered with the tax agency in the given country or state

The update of any tax rate will only affect future transactions and subscriptions. Current subscriptions must be updated to ensure the new tax rate is applied.


Note: this feature will be available as of 24th June 2020.

If you want Quaderno to keep your Stripe subscriptions updated, please go to the Preferences section and activate the option Update Stripe subscriptions automatically if a tax rate changes. Quaderno will automatically update your subscriptions from that moment. 

Please note, this will affect the final amount your customers are charged. For example, on 1 July, the VAT rate in Germany will be temporarily reduced from 19% to 16%. If your subscription price is $100 tax-exclusive, your customers in Germany are charged $119 ($100 + $19 VAT). Quaderno will automatically update this so that from 1 July your customers are charged ($100 +$16 VAT). 

If you don't want Quaderno to update your subscriptions, you will need to update the tax rates by yourself via Stripe API.

Other platforms

If you're not using Stripe, you need to update the existent subscriptions by yourself. Please contact your platform to ask for more information about subscription updates. 

If you have any doubts about what steps to take, just reach out to us at support@quaderno.io. We'd be happy to help.

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