Connecting GoCardless

Quaderno supports automated invoicing and tax calculation for your direct debit payments via GoCardless.

When you use GoCardless, you can easily collect recurring payments via direct debit from your customers in: Eurozone (SEPA), United States (ACH), Sweden (Autogiro), UK (Bacs), Australia (BECS), New Zealand (BECS), Denmark (Betalingsservice) and Canada (PAD). Each of these schemes allows payments to be processed directly from one bank account to another.

🔎 Not sure if direct debit is the best option for your business? Check out some of the benefits of direct debit here. GoCardless also provides a detailed guide for how to encourage your customers to pay via direct debit.

Connecting existing GoCardless Users

  1. In your Quaderno account, go to the integrations page and select GoCardless. You will be taken to a GoCardless-hosted page where you will be asked if you’d like to connect Quaderno to GoCardless.
  2. Enter your GoCardless credentials and click the Connect Account button. You’ll be redirected back to Quaderno.

If you have a trial Quaderno account, your GoCardless transactions from the last 30 days will automatically be imported to Quaderno for free, up to 1000.

Connecting new GoCardless Users

  1. In your Quaderno account, go to the integrations page and select GoCardless. You will be taken to a GoCardless-hosted page where you can create a new GoCardless account.
  2. Complete the required form details and click Create account. You’ll automatically receive a setup email from GoCardless. Click verify your account in the setup email to continue the setup process. For more information, check out the setup guide for your country provided by GoCardless.
  3. During GoCardless setup, select the package that best works for your business, and add your business details.
  4. Once you’ve completed the setup, your GoCardless account verification can take up to 3 working days. Then you’re all set to start using Quaderno and GoCardless.

Configuring mandates

  • Existing mandates: If you already have existing mandates setup in GoCardless, then you don’t have to take further action. Each time you have a confirmed payment from an existing customer, Quaderno will automatically calculate the tax rate and generate the corresponding invoice. If you already have an existing mandate for a customer, you can create further payments for them (either subscriptions or one-off payments).
  • New mandates: If you’d like to add your new mandates so your customers can pay via direct debit, add your customers to GoCardless following the steps here.

If you were previously using another system for processing direct debit payments, you can move existing mandates to GoCardless following their guide here.


Tax-inclusive payments

Quaderno considers GoCardless payment as tax-inclusive. The calculated tax rates will not be added on top of your price, but considered as part of it.

The tax rate information is only displayed on the Quaderno invoices, it is not sent back to GoCardless or shown on the checkout process.

To add tax on top of your prices with GoCardless or show taxes on your checkout, the Quaderno API along with the GoCardless API can be used. However, development skills are needed for that!

Payment timings

Keep in mind, direct debit payments differ from card payments in that they are not instant payments. The standard timeframe to set up the initial mandate is 3 working days. GoCardless provides a guide for direct debit timings with more information on this.

Retrying payments

Failed payments are not automatically retried in GoCardless. You’ll need to retry the payment manually as described here. Quaderno will only generate invoices for successful payments.

Cancelling payments

If you need to cancel a payment, you can do so directly in your GoCardless dashboard if the payment has the pending submission status.

Cancelling a customer’s mandate

If you need to cancel a customer’s mandate, you can do so directly in your GoCardless dashboard.

Refunding a customer

Refunds can only be managed by GoCardless in certain circumstances.

Due to the risks of chargebacks and failed refunds, GoCardless does not process all refunds. Therefore you may need to manage some refunds outside of GoCardless:

Handling chargebacks

In the case of a chargeback, a credit note will automatically be created in Quaderno.

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