US sales tax report

If your business is in the US (or you have nexus in a US state), you will see the US sales tax report in your Quaderno account.

In this report you will only see states where you are registered for tax collection. You can add states where you are registered for tax collection on the jurisdictions page.

This report shows the taxable base and tax amount for all states where you are collecting sales tax.

Taxes us sales tax

From this overview, you have a few options to view your sales in a state in more detail:

  1. Click the name of the state to view a breakdown of local and state tax by city, county or other local jurisdiction.
  2. Click View transactions to see a list of all taxed transactions in a state.

Taxes us sales tax new york

When it comes time to file your taxes, you'll have all the data in a filing-friendly format. We recommend exporting the reports in CSV format and sending them to your accountant. You’ll find the option under the three-dots "..." menu.

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