Correcting mistakes in your invoices

International tax standards generally agree that once an invoice has been issued, it can no longer be modified in order to avoid inconsistencies in tax filings.

Making mistakes on an invoice is completely normal. The tax authorities know this and have no problem with you correcting those mistakes, but they prefer that you do so by canceling the original invoice and issuing a new, corrected invoice.

If you need to correct an invoice, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the invoices page and select the invoice you need to correct.
  2. Click the Correct option.
  3. A duplicated invoice will be automatically created. Fix all the information you need.
  4. When done, click Save changes.

Once you issue the corrected invoice, a credit note will be generated automatically to cancel out the original invoice, staying tax compliant worldwide.

Tips to avoid mistakes on invoices

  1. Review your integrations to ensure they are set up correctly to collect and send accurate customer details to Quaderno.
  2. Review your tax preferences and products to ensure they are configured with the product type and tax class that correspond to your sales.
  3. Review your jurisdictions to ensure you are only collecting tax in jurisdictions where you are registered.
  4. Before making any changes to your live integration, try it out in our Sandbox first.
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