Exporting invoices

On the invoices page, filter your invoices by number, contact, tag, time frame and state in order to find the invoices you wish to export.

When exporting these invoices, you have three options:

  1. Export as CSV will export the most frequently-needed information to a format that you can open up and see in Excel. In this export each row represents an invoice, so invoices with multiple line items are grouped. This export supports a maximum of 100000 documents.
  2. Export as PDF will export a single PDF with all your invoices information. This export supports a maximum of 10000 documents. For large document volumes, we always recommend downloading your invoices in CSV format.
  3. Export items will export a CSV file which contains a row per each line item.

Tip: Set up a zap to automatically save your PDF invoices in GoogleDrive or Dropbox every month.

Here are the description of all CSV fields:

Column Description
document_type The type of document: invoice, receipt, credit note or expense.
date The date the document was issued.
number The document number in the sequence. For invoices, this is the invoice number.
description The description of the first line item on the document. To see all descriptions, please use the document item export.
original_currency The original currency of the charge.
original_amount The invoice total in the original currency.
accounting_currency The accounting currency in your account. This is the currency of the country where your business is based.
total_amount The invoice total in your accounting currency.
gross_amount The invoice subtotal in your accounting currency, before taxes and discounts.
discounts The total discount applied on the document.
net_amount The invoice subtotal with discounts applied. Gross amount - discounts = Net amount.
tax_1_amount The total amount of the first tax. A document may have multiple tax rates.
tax_1_rate The first tax rate applied on the document.
tax_1_country The country corresponding to the first tax rate.
tax_2_amount The total amount of the second tax.
tax_2_rate The second tax rate applied on the transaction.
tax_2_country The country corresponding to the second tax rate.
paid_amount The total payment registered on the invoice.
payment_method The payment method used: credit_card, paypal, cash, wire_transfer, direct_debit or other.
payment_date The date the payment was received.
customer The contact's name.
country The billing country on the invoice (2-letter ISO code). This may differ from tax_1_country.
region The contact’s region, province, or state.
postal_code The contact's postal code on the invoice.
tax_id The contact’s tax ID on the invoice.
processor The payment processor or other integration that generated the invoice.
processor_fee The payment processor fee for the transaction.
due_date The due date set on the invoice.
po_number The PO number set on the invoice.
hashtags Any tags associated with the invoice.
related_document_type If the document has a related credit note, receipt or estimate, it will be noted here.
related_document_number The number of the related document.
related_document_date The date the related document was issued.
street_line_1 The contact’s address on the invoice (first line).
street_line_2 The contact's address on the invoice (second line).
city The contact’s city on the invoice.
email The contact's email address on the invoice.
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