Customizing document numbers

Any document created in Quaderno, regardless of its status (paid, outstanding, …), will be given a sequential number with an optional prefix.

To add the optional prefix to your documents, head to the Preferences page, where you can modify the following for each document type:

  • Prefix: Letter or number combination to be included before each document number.

    Add the tag {{YY}} or {{YYYY}} to use the current calendar year as the prefix.

  • Number: Number of the next document that will be created. This is particularly useful when you are migrating to Quaderno. By default, you'll see the next number in your current sequence in Quaderno.

Take into account:

  • Numbering sequences are reset at the beginning of each year.
  • Suffixes are not supported, only prefixes.
  • Only one sequence per document type is supported. If you'd like to use another sequence, we recommend creating another Quaderno account.
  • While letters are supported in the number field, if you use "ABC" in the numbering sequence, the next document will be assigned "ABD". Given this, we do not recommend using letters in the number field. We recommend using letters in the prefix only.
  • Try to use least as many digits as the number of documents expected to be created in a year. For example, if you expect to issue 1000 documents this year, we'd recommend at least four digits (i.e. "001", "0001", "00001", etc) in your number sequence.
  • To comply with international invoicing guidelines, changes to document numbers for existing documents are not permitted.
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