Exporting credit notes

On the credit notes page, filter your credit notes by number, contact, tag, time frame and state in order to find the credit notes you wish to export.

When exporting these credit notes, you have three options:

  1. Export as CSV: This option will export the most frequently-needed information to a format that you can open up and see in Excel. In this export each row represents a credit note, so invoices with multiple line items are grouped. This export supports a maximum of 100000 documents.
  2. Export as PDF: As it sounds, this option will export a file containing all your credit note information. For technical reasons, you can only export invoices in PDF format for a maximum period of 31 days. You would just have to set the filter, and you can export month by month if needed. We always recommend downloading your documents in CSV format.
  3. Export items: will export a CSV file which contains a row per each line item.

Tip: Set up a zap to automatically save your PDF invoices in GoogleDrive or Dropbox every month.

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