quaderno – /kwa’derno/

  1. notebook, notepad (Italian)
  2. check register (Italian – obsolete)
  3. An awesome web-app to make your life ten times easier (International)

Beautiful word, right?

We’re a curious bunch here in Quaderno, and our founder – Carlos – has a strong interest in other languages and cultures.

One day, while researching a new business idea, he chanced upon the story of Luca Pacioli, a mathematician and Franciscan friar considered by many to be the father of accounting and book-keeping. Luca wrote about the discipline way back in 1494, talking about the “Quaderno” – the main ledger that encompasses all of a merchant’s accounting.

The word “quaderno” stuck in Carlos’ head, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be a perfect fit for his latest idea – making tax and accounting easier for online businesses.

The name stuck, and here we are a few (hundred) years later, redefining and revolutionising the word for an audience far removed from the age of Mr. Pacioli.

It helps that it still had a few nice domain names available, too.

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