Renewing access to your Amazon account

Each year you’ll have to take a few simple steps to make sure Quaderno receives your sales information from Amazon without interruption. The Amazon MWS Authorization token that grants Quaderno access to your sales just have to be renewed.

What this means is your link to Quaderno will need to be re-applied each year. You will receive a notification from Amazon one month before the authorization expires so you have time to renew it. If no action is taken the token will be deactivated on the expiration date and you could have some missing invoices!

You can always renew an expired authorization token. Once renewed the expiration date resets to one year from the date of renewal.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Settings > User Permissions.
  3. Find Quaderno on the list and make sure its permissions haven’t expired, otherwise reauthorize the access.

Amazon access renewal

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