Integrating with PayPal

Quaderno supports automated billing for PayPal. Once you process a successful transaction on Paypal, Quaderno will create a beautiful invoice that you can send to your customer. It can even send it automatically if that sounds like your cup of tea!

Connecting your PayPal account

  • Go to Integrations after logging in to your Quaderno account and hit the PayPal logo.
  • On the following screen you need to enter your PayPal email address so that we can do some magic with it.

  • Magic finished, we'll present you with a personal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) address. Copy and paste that IPN address into your PayPal account.

Enter your IPN into PayPal settings

  • Click the Save button and you're done. Quaderno will now be notified every time you get a payment through your PayPal business account!

You could say that Quaderno puts the "pal" in PayPal! No? Just us? Okay...

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