Using Checkout on Wordpress

Quaderno Checkout is an embeddable payment form for your Wordpress site. It works within your site seamlessly, allowing customers to pay in-place without being redirected away anywhere else. It looks pretty great, to boot!

Use Quaderno Checkout on your Wordpress site if you want to:

  • Add taxes on top of you prices depending on your customer's location.
  • Charge your customers via Stripe, PayPal or Braintree.
  • Send beautiful receipts automatically.  
  • Automate your accounting by exporting all your reports to CSV files or Xero, or sharing them with your accountant.

Note: You don’t need to be technical to install and use this plugin. We've made it super straightforward. And as always, if you have any problems, just ask!


It’s very easy to install and activate our Wordpress plugin:

  • In your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New
  • In the search box, type quaderno and look for this:

  • Click Install Now and follow the prompts
  • On the next screen, click Activate Plugin. This will activate the plugin and you should see the “Plugin activated” notice.


After installing our plugin, you need to set it up properly in order to connect your website with Quaderno. Just follow these steps:

  • Login into your Quaderno account, and go to Settings > API. Here you’ll find your API credentials.

  • Copy your Private key and API URL and paste them into the relevant fields on your Settings > Quaderno Checkout page.

Quaderno Checkout Settings

  • Click Save Changes.
  • Add a simple shortcode and you're all done! What shortcode? Read on...


No good Wordpress plugin is complete without some nifty shortcodes, so here's the skinny on ours!

You can quickly create a Checkout button and overlay form using the [quaderno] shortcode within your page or post content.

[quaderno amount="1000" description="Sample Product" redirect_url="thank-you-page.php"]
[quaderno amount="1000" description="Sample Product" gateway="paypal" redirect_url="thank-you-page.php"]
[quaderno amount="1000" description="Sample Product" panel_label="Now only {{amount}}!" redirect_url="thank-you-page.php"]

Below are the available options (a.k.a attributes) that you can use with this shortcode:

Option Description Default Value
type Type of transaction. Available values: charge and subscription charge
gateway Payment gateway you want to use. Available values: stripe, paypal, braintree stripe
amount Transaction amount in cents/pence 500
currency The currency of the amount (3-letter ISO code) USD
plan Transaction plan (only for Stripe/Braintree subscriptions) -
subscription_unit Specify the units of the subscription frequency (D, W, M, Y) (only for PayPal subscriptions) M
subscription_duration Specify the subscription frequency (only for PayPal subscriptions) 1
recurring_duration Number of times that subscription payments recur. If empty, then subscription is infinity (only for PayPal subscriptions) -
taxes Specify if the taxes are included or excluded from the amount excluded
transaction_type Specify the transaction type. Available values: eservice, ebook and standard standard
description A description of the product or service being purchased Checkout
label Text to display on the Pay Now button Pay now
panel_label Text to display on the final checkout button. Insert {{amount}} where you'd like to display the amount. If {{amount}} is omitted, it will be appended to the button text Pay {{amount}}
customer_type Type of customer. Available values: consumer, business or both both
billing_address Ask for the full billing address false
country Your customers won't be able to add a VAT number if they're based in this country (2-letter  ISO code) -
coupon Customers can enter a coupon code (only works for Stripe subscriptions) false
color The hex color for the payment button #4C7800
style Custom styles for the main button -
locale This option will render a localised UI en
redirect_url The URL that the user should be sent to after a successful payment -

Boom, you're ready to roll with your new Quaderno-fied Wordpress site. We'll take care of everything else from here!