Connecting Braintree

Quaderno fully integrates with Braintree to provide a seamless, easy experience and free you up to do the things you do best.

When you process a successful charge on Braintree, either punctual or recurring, Quaderno will create a tax-compliant receipt and can automatically send it to your customer, without any manual intervention.

To connect your Braintree account to Quaderno, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the integrations page and select Braintree.

  2. You will be brought to a Braintree page where you will be asked to sign into your Braintree account. Enter your Braintree credentials and click the Log In button.

  3. On the following screen Quaderno will ask you for permission to connect to your Braintree account.

  4. Click Authorize Access and boom, you’re done!

Quaderno will now display the tax breakdown on the final invoice for the customer. Note that these tax amounts are not sent back to Braintree, so you won’t see the tax amounts there. Quaderno will consider your Braintree charges to be tax-inclusive, so taxes are included in your final price, not added on top of it.

When all of your payments are processed via Braintree, you do not need to connect PayPal to Quaderno. In fact, this would cause duplicate invoices as Quaderno would be receiving two notifications for every transaction.

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