Connecting SendOwl

Quaderno supports automated billing and VAT & GST compliance for SendOwl.

Any time you process a successful order, your store will automatically send the info to Quaderno, which then generates a beautiful invoice for your customer that we can automatically send for you.

To connect SendOwl to your Quaderno account, follow these steps:

  1. In your SendOwl account, go to the settings page and select API .
  2. Select the option Add API Key . Enter a name for this new API Key and check the options Products , Orders , and Discounts .
  3. Copy the Key and Secret values of the new API key.

    Adding an api key second step

  4. In a new tab, go to the integrations page and select SendOwl .
  5. Paste your SendOwl API keys that you copied in step 2. Click Connect account .
  6. After submitting the form, you’ll get a personal Webhook URL. Copy the Webhook URL .
  7. Then in your SendOwl account go to the settings page and select Webhooks . Click Add a webhook . For more information about SendOwl’s webhook, you can check out their article on the topic.
  8. Paste in your personal Webhook URL that you copied in step 6, and select the New payment event. With it, Quaderno will receive SendOwl's sales and refunds.
  9. Click Create .

That’s all! Quaderno will create an invoice every time you receive a payment and a credit note when you process a refund. And you’ll get more insights for your business with our reports. Nice!

Please note that SendOwl calculates the tax rates in their checkout and sends this tax rate to Quaderno. As SendOwl offer their own tax calculation features, Quaderno does not calculate tax directly in the SendOwl checkout. You can set up taxes in SendOwl following these steps.

Upsells are not fully supported. They’ll show on your invoice as one item with the total amount.

Finally, if you have lots of B2B sales you might want to enable SendOwl’s standard VAT number field. That way, Quaderno will receive the customer's tax id, display it on the invoice, and automatically apply reverse-charge when the tax id is verified.

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