Connecting LearnWorlds

Quaderno takes care of all your tax calculations for LearnWorlds, your platform of choice to craft learning experiences your customers will love.

With the Quaderno + LearnWorlds integration, you can:

  • Add tax directly in the checkout based on your customer's location
  • Collect student billing addresses directly in the LearnWorlds checkout
  • Sell your products with tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive pricing
  • Validate customer tax IDs

Follow these steps to connect LearnWorlds to Quaderno:

  1. If you are currently using the Stripe integration to connect to LearnWorlds, you will first need to disconnect Stripe from your Quaderno account here before continuing, to avoid duplicate invoices.
  2. In your LearnWorlds account, go to Settings > Financial > Tax Management.
  3. Click Connect your account to authorize LearnWorlds to connect to your Quaderno account.

    You’ll be offered to create an account or log in, depending on whether you already have a Quaderno account or not. In both cases, remember that you must have configured your tax jurisdictions for correct tax calculations.

That's it! Once you enabled this integration, LearnWorlds will automatically require all standard billing detail fields in your checkout (address, country, postal code, city). This ensures Quaderno is able to calculate the correct tax rate on each sale.

Quaderno will start calculating tax directly in your LearnWorlds checkout, and a tax-compliant invoice will be generated for every sale.

🔎 If you want to dig deeper, check out this guide from LearnWorlds, with more details on how to configure your account and payment settings in LearnWorlds.

These are other extra options you may want to tweak:

  • In LearnWorlds > Settings > Financial > VAT Management you can select whether the product price should include taxes (inclusive) or taxes should be calculated on top of the product price (exclusive).
  • In LearnWorlds > Settings > Financial > VAT Management you can enable the option to fetch Quaderno invoices and show those directly to your students on LearnWorlds.
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