Integrating with s2Member

Quaderno supports automated billing and VAT & GST compliance for  s2Member. Any time you take a payment, Quaderno will generate a beautiful receipt for your customer. If you wish, we can even automatically send that out for you, without any manual intervention.


To connect your s2Member account to Quaderno, follow these steps:

1.  In your Quaderno account, go to Integrations > s2Member. You'll see this form: 

2. Enter your website URL and click Connect.

3. After submitting the form, you’ll get a personal Webhook URL. Copy that URL.

4. In a new tab, open s2Member and go to s2Member > API/Notifications. Finally paste your personal URL that you copied in step 3 in the fields Payment Notifications and Refund/Reversal Notifications.

s2Member Webhook page

5. Save your changes and that's it! Quaderno will be notified every time you take a payment or make a refund. 

Customize your invoices

If you want to show your customer’s billing address on your invoices, you need to set up the following fields on s2Member > General Options > Registration/Profile Fields & Options > Custom Registration/Profile Fields:

Unique ID FIeld type Description
street_address Text (single line) Billing street
city Text (single line) Billing city
postal_code Text (single line) Billing postal code (ZIP)
region Text (single line) Billing region/state
country_code Select Menu (drop-down) Billing country
vat_number Text (single line) Billing VAT number

Bada-boom, bada-bing, you're done. Enjoy the power of Quaderno and s2Member working to together to make life easier!

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