Connecting ThriveCart

Quaderno supports ThriveCart via Stripe or Zapier, letting you know when taxes change or when you reach a tax registration threshold in any country, creating useful reports, and sending tax compliant invoices.

Connecting your ThriveCart store to Quaderno

Quaderno supports ThriveCart via Stripe or Zapier. Both have some limitations:

  • Connecting via Stripe, Quaderno will not receive the Tax ID number of your customers so Quaderno will not be able to automativally apply reverse charge on B2B sales. Here are the instructions to connect Stripe to Quaderno.

    When connecting via Stripe, we recommend checking that the sales and invoice data that ThriveCart sends to Stripe is complete. Otherwise we would fetch also incomplete data from Stripe. Please contact ThriveCart’s support team for fixing any issue related to missing information.

  • Connecting via Zapier, refunds won’t be processed automatically, so you would have to manage credit notes manually. Note that the Zapier integration is only available with the Startup plan and higher. Follow this link to connect the Zap.

    Configuring Zapier comprises several steps. As Zapier is not supported on our Sandbox, you might want to test against a new Quaderno trial account first, to avoid creating invoices on your main account that you won’t be able to delete afterwards.

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