Validating tax IDs on Shopify

At the moment, this option is only available on Shopify Plus stores.

With Quaderno you can validate tax IDs in your Shopify sales. To activate this option, you must follow these steps:

  1. In the Shopify admin area, go to the Settings page and select Checkout .
  2. Click the button Go to Checkout Editor.
  3. Click the option Add an app and select the quaderno-checkout app.
  4. Enter your API URL and your API key, like in the screenshot below.
  5. Quaderno will now display a tax ID field on your checkout form and will validate its content if the user enters a value, marking your Shopify customer as tax exempt when applicable.
  6. Please note that to make the field appear on your invoices, you have to follow the steps for showing tax IDs on invoices too.

Currently Quaderno can validate tax IDs from the following tax jurisdictions: the EU, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and Qu├ębec (Canada).

Checkout editor

Add app

Checkout settings

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