Integrating with SendOwl

Quaderno supports automated billing and VAT & GST compliance for  SendOwl. Any time you process a successful order, your store will automatically ping Quaderno, which then generates a beautiful invoice for your customer. We can even automatically send it for you, if you wish. This happens automatically, and doesn’t require any manual intervention.


First, log in your SendOwl and go to Settings > API. If you have not used the API before you will need to enable it by clicking the Enable button. You will then see an API key and secret as shown below:

Get your API credentials on SendOwl

Then go to Integrations after logging in to your Quaderno account, and click on the SendOwl logo. Enter your SendOwl API keys:

After submitting the form, you’ll get a personal Webhook URL. Copy that URL. Then log in your SendOwl account and go to Settings > Webhooks. Create a webhook, paste in your personal URL, and select the New payment event.

SendOwl Webhook Page

That’s all! Quaderno will create an invoice every time you take a payment, and a credit note when you process a refund. Nice!