Integrating with WooCommerce

Quaderno supports automated billing and tax calculations for  WooCommerce. Any time you process an order, your WooCommerce store will ping Quaderno, which then generates a beautiful receipt for your customer. This all happens automatically and doesn’t require any action on your part! If you want, we’ll even send out automatic invoices after each sale.

Note: You don’t need to be technical to install and use this plugin. It’s very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. If you have any questions, just shoot us an email.


It’s very easy to install and activate our WooCommerce extension:

1. In your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.

2. In the search box, type quaderno and look for this:

4. Click Install Now and follow the prompts.

5. On the next screen, click Activate Plugin. This will activate the plugin and you should see the “Plugin activated” notice.


After installing our plugin, you need to set it up to connect your store with Quaderno. Just follow these steps:

1. Login into your Quaderno account, and go to Settings > API. Here you’ll find your API credentials.

2. In another tab, open up your WooCommerce account and go to Settings > Integration. Now for a little copy-and-paste action. 

Copy your Quaderno Private key and API URL, and paste them into the relevant fields on your WooCommerce Integration page. Hit the Save changes button to finalize that.

WooCommerce Quaderno3. Still in WooCommerce, go to Products. Open your digital products and select the option Virtual.

WooCommerce Products4. Save the changes, and you’re all done!

Voila! Now Quaderno is covering all your invoicing, your tax calculation around the world, streamlining your refunds, and even preparing easy-to-read accounting reports about your business. So you can sit back, relax… or get back to the work you really care about.