How quickly does Quaderno deliver emails?

Quaderno will deliver emails within a few minutes of queuing them - we batch them up and send them out in regular intervals. Your customers will receive their invoices a couple of minutes after you send them, or after they are automatically sent by the system.

Keep in mind

If someone hasn’t received an email, they should first check their spam folder just in case it’s gotten lost in there.
If an email cannot be delivered, you'll receive a notification. Usually this is because it bounced or got dropped:
  • Bounced: There were problems (temporary or not) trying to reach the recipient's server. In most cases some retry attempts will be made.
  • Dropped: The email address has been previously hard bounced (bounced multiple times after several retries or the server has been checked as non-reachable), marked previous emails as spam or has explicitly unsubscribed from the emails. 
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