Void an invoice

If you know an invoice is not going to be paid but you don't want to delete it and expunge all record of it, you can click on the invoice in question to see the details, click the More drop-down and then click Void in the drop-down list.

Deleting vs. voiding

When you delete an invoice, the record will be erased out of the system and you may not have it for your future reference.  Also your invoicing sequence will get disturbed.

On the other hand when you mark the invoice as void, it won't be removed from the system but will be automatically excluded from all lists.  Also the invoicing sequence will not be disturbed.

Need for void invoice

There are several occasions when you would like to void an invoice, probably due to the following reasons:

  • Let’s say your customer had placed an order and you had raised an invoice for it.  Later for some reason he/she decides to cancel the order and hasn’t yet paid for it.  Now you have to remove the invoice, instead of deleting the invoice you can mark it as void and keep it for your future reference.
  • Voiding will be of immense help during audits as in this case records are not removed and can be readily referred to.
  • When you want to keep track of all invoices that you have issued, maintain a sequence and don’t want the sequence to be disturbed by deleting an invoice in-between.
  • Voiding and maintaining the void invoices will help you track down customers who make too many cancels.
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