Does Quaderno offer any reporting?

Yes! To see some useful reports, log into Quaderno and click on Reports from the left-side menu.

Quaderno reports have two sections:

1. Tax summaries. You can view reports of your taxes at home and abroad. Choose from Domestic taxes, VAT MOSS, EC taxes, and international taxes. You can also download these reports as .CSV files. They contain all the information you need for filing tax returns, making the process a cinch!

2. Business and financial data. Here you can view breakdowns of various parts of your business, displayed in the time period of your choice.

You can understand how much money is coming in, how much money is flowing out, what you’re selling (the distribution of sales across all products), and where you’re selling (the amount of customers, transactions, and revenue in each country). You can export these reports as .CSV files, too.

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