Import contacts

You can import your contacts from another application into Quaderno easily using our CSV template. It's also a quick way to add multiple contacts yourself, even if it's not an export.

You can do this while setting up Quaderno initially and/or do so once you're up and running, as many times as you like. We'll do our best to merge any duplicates.

Contacts CSV Template

Contacts must be imported into Quaderno in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) format, either from a .csv or a .txt file. We recommend using the CSV option.

To download our CSV template, click here.

Depending on the way your computer is set-up, the CSV template might open in either Excel, Open Office Calc, Numbers or even Google Sheets. It doesn't matter too much as any spreadsheet editing application will handle it just fine.

The template contains a number of columns into which you can write or paste your contacts info. We've tried to keep the format as standard as possible, so hopefully your existing contacts database will export in a Quaderno-friendly fashion without too much editing.

Make sure to only enter one contact per row, under the existing headings.

Do not remove the header row or remove mandatory columns - you'll get an error!

Column Breakdown

Make sure to complete all manual fields. Optional ones are, well, optional. You can either complete them, leave them empty or remove them as you wish.

Column Mandatory (Y/N) Description
type N Specify the contact type (company or person). Default is company
name Y Contact name. If your customer or vendor doesn't already exist in Quaderno, they will be created as a new contact
email_address N The contact's email address
address_line_1 N The contact's address (first line)
address_line_2 N The contact's address (second line)
city N The contact's city
postal_code N The contact's postal or ZIP code
region N The contact's region or state
country N The contact's country (2-letter ISO code). Defaults to your base country
phone N The contact's telephone number
web N The contact's web address (URL)
tax_id N The contact's tax ID

Pro tips for a successful import

  • Leave the header row intact
  • Do not remove any mandatory columns
  • If copying from another system, make sure you use the same column headings, or change them to match
  • Duplicates are detected based on the name column. If the name isn't spelled correctly or doesn't already exist, Quaderno will assume it is a new contact
  • If a contact already exists and you specify email or address details, Quaderno will override the existing info and replace it with the latest
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