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Quaderno takes care of all your tax calculations for Braintree, letting you know when taxes change, creating reports, and sending tax compliant invoices. We'll even send you an automatic notification when you reach a sales tax registration threshold so you know when to register in another country or US state.

First steps

Connecting a Braintree accountCollecting data from Braintree


Is Braintree available for recurring payments?
Yes, you can use Braintree for recurring payments.
If I accept PayPal payments via Braintree, do I need to connect both PayPal and Braintree to Quaderno?
No, if all of your payments are processed via Braintree, you do not need to connect PayPal to Quaderno. If you connect PayPal and Braintree to Quaderno, this would cause duplicate invoices as Quaderno would receive two notifications for each PayPal payment.
How can I add tax on top of my prices in Braintree?
By default, Quaderno considers your Braintree charges to be tax-inclusive. You can use our tax API directly in your checkout to add tax on top of your prices. Here's an example workflow:
1. Use Quaderno's tax API to calculate the tax rate for the subscription/charge:
2. Calculate the tax amount.
3. Add the tax amount to the subscription base price in the price field on Braintree. If it is a one-off charge, this would have to be added in amount.
4. Connect your Braintree account to Quaderno so that your invoices are generated automatically.


I have duplicate invoices for PayPal payments.
Please review your integrations on the integrations page in your Quaderno account. If you have the same PayPal account connected to Quaderno and to Braintree, this would cause duplicate invoices as Quaderno is receiving two notifications for every transaction. Please disconnect PayPal from Quaderno to prevent duplicates.
I don't see the tax amounts in Braintree.
Quaderno would display the tax breakdown on the final invoice for the customer, but these tax amounts are not sent back to Braintree.