Customizing invoice numbers

To add a prefix to your invoices or to start the unique numbers from something other than zero is a little bit of a hidden trick in Quaderno, but it’s easy when you know how!
  1. Go to your invoice list and click on Create Invoice.
  1. The Number field is the invoice number. Add your prefix (or change the number to another positive number).
  1. Continue adding all the relevant information to the invoice.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Save changes.
Now, when your next invoice rolls in, it will be completely identical in invoice number to your most recent invoice except that the number part will have been incremented by one.
For example, 2016/Q2/00456 will lead to 2016/Q2/00457.
Boom! Custom invoice numbers with no fuss.


Can I add a suffix?
No, at the moment Quaderno only supports a prefix in the invoice numbers.
Can I have multiple invoice sequences?
Quaderno supports one invoice sequence automatically. If you'd like to use another invoice sequence, we recommend creating another Quaderno account.
Will my invoice numbers reset every year?
By default, your invoices will continue to be generated in the same sequence. If you'd like to reset invoice numbers at the beginning of each year, you can enable that option on the preferences page.
I've already issued some invoices. Can I change the numbers on those invoices?
To comply with international invoicing guidelines, changes to invoice numbers for existing invoices are not permitted.