Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

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Tax in checkout
Quaderno supports automated billing and tax calculations for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). Any time you process a successful order, your store will automatically ping Quaderno, which then creates a beautiful receipt for your customer. You can even set things up so it automatically sends it out, with no manual intervention.
If you use our EDD plugin, you don’t need to connect your payment processor accounts (Stripe, PayPal, etc.) to Quaderno.

First steps

Connecting Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)Adding tags to sales on Easy Digital DownloadsSetting the tax code on your EDD products
You can also watch our video "Automate your taxes for EDD with Quaderno"


How are taxes calculated?
When you first set up your Quaderno account, your account will be automatically configured with tax jurisdictions on your business's location. You'll find these in Settings > Jurisdictions. You have more information on this here: Tax jurisdictions
When you use the EDD plugin, Quaderno applies tax rates in your checkout based on the customer's location and the jurisdictions you've added in your account. Unless you've added a country/US state to your tax jurisdictions, then Quaderno would not apply tax on sales there.
Please note that you would also need to set the appropiate tax class for each product inside your EDD store.
How can I collect VAT numbers?
Our plugin allows your customers to enter their VAT number at checkout.
Is Quaderno compatible with EDD Recurring Payments?
Yes, Quaderno works perfectly with EDD Recurring payments.
Can I import past transactions from EDD?
Quaderno cannot import automatically past transactions from EDD. You’ll need to use our import file to import old transactions. You can find more information here.


I’ve changed a customer's email address in EDD but invoices are going to their old email address.
Quaderno pulls the email associated with the specific subscription or payment, so the email address should always be updated in directly on the subscription in EDD or in the contact's file in Quaderno (instead of inside the customer profile in EDD).
I need to sell a product with a reduced tax rate. Can I use EDD for this?
Yes, you would only need to select the appropiate tax rate inside the product's configuration.